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Not every company can afford to have an attorney on staff. In some instances it might not be financially feasible and in other instances, based on time utilization, it would not make financial sense. Depending on the size of your business and the regularity of the need for legal advice and support, it may make sense to outsource your legal work.

We provide outsourced legal services to businesses that have periodic to regular demands for legal advice and support, but are not at the stage where it would make sense to have a full time employee dedicated to these matters. Our outside General Counsel legal support service is designed to address this need by providing attorneys that will take the time to know your business well enough to have an understanding of your operations and associated business and legal risks, and be available to assist your business on an as and when needed basis.

Our objective is to provide the level of service that you would expect from having a general counsel attorney in the office next door, but at a fraction of the financial overhead that you would incur from having a full time underutilized attorney on staff.

Contact us today to explore how we may provide your business with general counsel legal support: (678) 597-8755.



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